Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How I spent a snow day or two

Yesterday the phone rang at 5:15 to tell me that we were going to have yet another day off from school. At this rate I will be teaching until July. Anyway, once again we couldn't get the phone in the bedroom answered so I decided that I was going to rearrange the room so that I could reach the bedroom phone. To do this meant moving the bed, too heavy for one, purchasing a new longer cord for the phone and of course as long as I was going to move, I might as well give the room a good cleaning. In the corner and behind the bed, I found all kinds of nasty stuff including some chocolate that was at least a year old, and a good 1/2 inch of dust. So needless to say, I spent the day cleaning, going through things and throwing stuff away. I would have liked to have thrown more away, but it is Kurt's and I don't want to touch his stuff. In the process of cleaning the room, I ended up cleaning out a junk drawer looking for a new phone cord. I found the cord, but it was to short so a trip to Office Max was needed. I also found a big box of pictures and things that I wanted to scrap. I must have thrown things into the box when I was trying to do an emergency clean and forgot about it. So I also cleaned out that box. Wow, I totally love our room now and am hoping that we can keep it this way. I also love the bed with all of the different animals, I collect turtles and don't have any other place to put my stuffed turtles,I guess I need to work on that. My favorite animal on the bed however is Sox's. She watched the entire time I was cleaning and as soon as the bed was made, she jumped up and has made herself at home. She even had a discussion with Kurt last night as to who got to sleep on that side of the bed. Since she wasn't there when the alarm went off this morning, I think Kurt won that discussion. She wasted no time getting back on the bed once he got up, and has been there for most of today, so I have a feeling this war hasn't ended yet. I must admit it feels good to clean things out and get some junk decluttered.


mamatwoboys said...

Congrats on the cleaning binge. I did that on Monday to some extent. I should do it every week but alas, it just doesn't happen. We have a late arrival today. We'll head in to town in 45 mins or so. Hope you are having a good first day of the school week. At this rate Saturday will be here before we know it!

Jessica said...

What a feeling of accomplishment! Good work!