Saturday, February 16, 2008


wow, what a busy day doing a whole bunch of nothing. Kristen and I had a Mommy and Me Scrapbooking class from 12-2 today. Originally that was all that was planned. Well Sarah is selling fruit for band so we decided to stop at my Mom's house to see if she wanted to buy any fruit. Of course with the next winter storm supposed to start around midnight I needed to get some more salt for the ice. I had just bought a bag 2 weeks ago, but Sarah used the entire bag to "help" her shovel the driveway with the last snow. So we ended up leaving around 9:00 this morning and ran to the post office so I could mail my composition swap book, then to Clinton Feed and Grain to see my SIL and purchase a 40 pound bag of salt. This had better last for a long time Sarah. I then let Sarah drive from the North end of Clinton all the way to my Mom's house in Bettendorf. This is the farthest she has ever driven. It was nice to see my Mom and talk with both her and my brother for a bit. Dan has finally bought a house and will be moving in about 2 weeks. Not bad, it only took him about 10 months to find a house since he retired last May from the Air Force. He showed us pictures of the house, boy is it big. Not sure what a single guy is going to do in a house that big. After talking to Mom for a bit we left for our scrapbooking class. We then got a bit to eat at Mongolian Grill, a very good place to eat, but one we will never go to with Daddy. Then of course we ran to the mall. Needed to pick up a gift for Kurt's sisters birthday and of course no trip to the mall would be complete without a stop at the Disney Store and Barnes and Nobles. The Disney store was having a 60% off of clearance. I was able to get Kristen a pair of pants and then a capri and top outfit all with Tink on them for only 15. I love deals like this. At Barnes and Nobles, I bought Kristen the book The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I already own 2 copies of the book, but of course Sarah packed them away when she (in her mind) outgrew the books and now I can't find them. I wanted Kristen to read this book, so that she would know that are winter could be MUCH worse. Finally we are on our way home, but need to make a quick stop at Walmart for more milk (I wish I owned a dairy cow), some dressing that Sarah needs to take to Church for a fundraiser and some fried chicken for a quick supper. We ended up running into a few different friends and took forever to leave. When we get home there is a phone call from one of Sarah's friends. Sarah returns the call and the next thing I know is that the girl is coming over to spend the night. So much for my nice quiet day almost. Of course if the storm that is predicted hits, the next couple of days could be really quiet.

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mamatwoboys said...

What a great idea about the Long Winter. I should find that book and read it with my boys.

We are pretty well stuck here from the snow. Unfortunately we have 6 videos due by 6 PM tonight so Fred will have to get out at some point. He has to go. He has 4WD.

Did you get much done at the Mom and me class? Time with your daughter if nothing else right?