Monday, October 29, 2007

Mardi Gras Parade

Every year around Halloween, Clinton hosts a Mardi Gras Parade. I took Sarah once when she was in preschool and we froze. Decided not to take her until she was older and had to be in the band. We would watch the parade on tv in our nice warm living room. This year was Sarah's last year to march in the Middle School band for the parade, next year she will be in high school. The weather was perfect. We needed a light jacket but that was all. When we got down to the parade route we found a family that we have gotten to know through 4-H. Their daughter is a year ahead of Sarah in school, but the two have so many things in common. Thier son is Kristen's age and also in the second grade. Kristen and Brett just met for the first time last weekend and discovered that they had a great time playing even if it was with a "boy" or "girl". The two younger kids had a blast watching the parade together and cheering on each other's older sister for their respective schools. They even had fun dancing to the old "Batman" theme song. Do you remember it? We were starting to

get a little concerned during the parade as many floats had someone yelling hi to Kristen. The problem is that it was always boys yelling at Kristen. I am being to wonder just how many boy friends this little girl has. Sarah did tell us that many people waved to her as she marched by. It is so hard to believe that the next time I see my little girl march she will be wearing the River Kings uniform. It seems like just yesterday she was an excited little girl when ever she saw the band march and now she is a member of the band.


mamatwoboys said...

Totally off topic but about the peanut chicken... I was trying to recreate an amazing recipe for peanut crusted chicken skewers from Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom. My first attempt tonight was a BIG failure. I will keep trying and if I get it I'll post it to the Disney scrappers Board.

Happy Fall!

Penny Smith said...

OK, Collen, I couldn't find an email link! :) I like to use Picasa (free software download) to enhance color, crop, soften/add effect, etc. I didn't so any of that with these pictures. I am fortunate that I don't have to crop a lot... I zoon in of get in and frame the picture the way I would like to see it... :)
The crop WAS fun! Hope you make it to another-and don't worry, I'll stop talkin' and let ya get something done next time! :)