Sunday, November 4, 2007

Trick or Treat

Kristen has been so excited this year as Halloween neared. For some reason she decided to be a dancer. This saved me much time and money since I didn't have to buy the material and sew the costume. All we had to do was send Kristen down to the basement and have her pick out an old costume that would fit her. Since Halloween was on a Wednesday this year the school party was very short. Once I was home from school, I took Kristen to HyVee. They have always had trick or treat at the store before the city's trick or treat time. The best part of trick or treating her is no candy. She got chips, cookies, apples, a balloon. After HyVee we came home. Everyone quickly ate supper and then Kristen had to put on some clothes underneath her costume. She wasn't happy, but it was cold and I would prefer keeping her warm and healthy versus cold. After trick or treating on Myra and Thorwaldsen Kristen was more than happy to come home. Myra was packed and when we went over a block to Thorwaldsen, they were saying that Kristen was the first one they had seen and it was an hour after trick or treat started. The entire time that I was out with Kristen, Sarah was at home handing out the candy from our house. I think she had a blast. It seems like she would much rather hand out candy than trick or treat anymore. Not sure what will happen next year as the 31st is on a Friday.

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