Sunday, September 9, 2007

Reading Adventures

Every year I have taken the girls down to Reading Adventures at the Mississippi Fair Grounds. This is a great time for the family. All kids 12 and under receive a free book and they even get to pick out just the right book. There are also celebrity readers, a puppet show, crafts, a scavenger hunt, reading bingo, and inflatable rides to name a few of the activities. The best part is it all free. This year we went down with a friend and her two small children. Even though Sarah is now to old for the free book and some of the activities she enjoyed helping out with the younger kids.

Kristen had a blast doing the crafts and other activities. She really enjoyed having a friend closer to her age instead of just having to hang around with her big sister. She was thrilled to pick out a Nancy Drew book for her book. I was thrilled also as Nancy Drew was one of my favorite series of books when I was her age. To see more pictures click on the link for the family photo album on the left hand side.

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