Sunday, September 30, 2007

A beautiful fall morning

Sarah had a marching band competition in Bellevue Saturday morning. Just before we left in the morning a close friend called. She had wanted to go with us to the parade but needed to spend some time watching her niece play volleyball. She had just received a call that her niece was injured and wouldn't be able to play. So any way Darlene is able to go with us to Bellevue for the morning. We arrived about 45 minutes before the parade started. We decided to take a nice walk along the river front. What a beautiful view of the Mighty Mississippi River. Kristen was able to see a Lock and Dam and was lucky enough to see a boat go through the locks. After a while we found our seat for the parade and I was able to take this picture of Kristen sitting on the wall. The day was cool enough in the morning that we needed to wear jackets but by the end of the parade it was warming up nicely. After checking with Sarah and seeing one of her old friends (who transfered to another school and was competing for a different school) we left for home. On the way we stopped at a really neat little craft shop. I found darling pilgrim bears and Christmas bears for almost nothing. Just before we get to Clinton, Kurt calls and will need to be picked up in about 10 minutes. We couldn't have timed things better and arrived at the high school practice field just as he put the gator away. We went out for a quick lunch and then home to rest and scrap for the afternoon. Couldn't have asked for a nicer and more relaxing day.

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