Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day fun.

This morning just as I was getting ready to go grocery shopping for the next two weeks, my cousin's wife called and wanted to know what we were doing. They were going to be in the McCausland day's parade and wanted to know if the girls would like to ride in the float along. The float was to commerate the fact that there were 6 generations of Holst on the family farm. Of course the girls jumped at the chance to see their second cousins Aviana and Brielle. We quickly got ready and headed to McCausland. A small town about 15 minutes away from us. When we arrived we helped to decorate the tractor and wagon. Kevin was driving the old Oliver. This was one of the older tractors on the farm and I am not sure but don't believe that it is used much anymore. Jessica's sister also brought her children down so there were 5 girls who rode in the wagon with Jessica. Brielle was to young and chose instead to watch the parade with Grandma and myself

One of the earlier floats was the veterans. My uncle Gary was in this float.

Here comes Kevin with the tractor and wagon.

All of the girls waving

Sarah and Jessica waving from the back of the wagon. Even though it was warm, a good time was had by all. It also was nice to see my aunt and uncle and get to talk to them for awhile.

What was supposed to be a boring lazy day at home, ended up with a little excitement and a chance to see a few cousins.

Thanks for calling Jessica.

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