Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday Nights

How do we spend our Friday night's in September and October? Kurt and Sarah are at all of the Clinton High School Football games and Kristen and I do our best to make it to all of the home games. In this picture Sarah and Kurt talk with an official before the start of the game. Even though this was the third game of the season, it was the first one at home. Usually it is so hot for the first several games, but this year I think we had record colds. The cheerleaders held their annual cheer camp early this year. I think that they hoping for warmer weather for the girls, but that back fired on them.

In this picture you see all of the junior cheerleaders coming out before the varsity game. Kristen was at the end of the first row.
The final picture is of our little cheerleader at the top of the stunt. She was so excited to get to be the top of the pyramid this time around. Usually because of the girls size they end up on the bottom. Kristen is in the group at the front of the picture.

Also take the time to check out a couple of videos that were on YouTube of Clinton Football.

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