Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Trip back in time

Kristen in pioneer finery

The girls walking through the quarry

An old log cabin

Root cellar or sod house

The town

Covered bridge

watching a gentlemen make wooden kitchen tools.  HeHe spent a lot of time explaining nad showing how he carved, whittled the tools

The girls looking out the window of the covered bridge

The church

Kristen learning to weave

cooking over an open fire

dutch oven with the hot ashes below and on the lid. 

One of the demonstrators, showing Kristen all of the layers that were worn.

Kristen in front of the waterfall
We live close to a place called Heritage Canyon.  It is an old quarry where they used to dynomite for limestone or something similiar.  Several years ago a couple bought the abandon quarry and started turning it into an old time village.  Every year they have a fall festival where the cabins, school, church, and different stores are open with American Crafters in several of the buildings.  They are dressed in the period clothing and crafts.  Always a fun day walking through the canyon, with the smell of smoke in the air.  Kristen really got interested in the old crafts and way of life this year.  So much so, that she wants to join the American Crafters associate and begin participating.

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