Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School

Can't believe that it is time for yet another school year.  Even more scary is that Sarah is a junior and Kristen is a 5th grader.  It seems like just yesterday I was walking Sarah up to school for her first day of kindergarten and then heading to a doctor's appointment.  I was supposed to have my gestational diabetes test that day.  Now how did I go from that day to the day when my oldest is an upperclassman and the little one is at the top of the so called food chain at the elementary school. 

Sarah and Kristen with their 5th grade teacher Mrs. Pailsey.  This is the first time that both Sarah and Kristen will have had the same teacher.  Kristen has been in the same room as Sarah many times, but never the same teacher.  This is actually the first chance they had to have the same teacher.  Kristen came home on the first day with an interesting fact.  3 other people in her class also have an older sibling that had Mrs. Paisley and they were all in Sarah's class.  What are the chances.

Kristen at her  desk ready for a new scchool year to begin.  She is so excited and can't wait for all of the cool stuff that she gets to learn.  This year that includes American History.

 Already looking away and talking to someone else. 
Kristen at her locker.  Next year she get a lock on her locker.

Both girls ready to leave for their first day.  Kristen is already dressing like a middle or high schooler.    Of course she loves to dress up and has always been very concerned about the clothes she wears.
Kristen heading up the hill to Whittier.  No book bag because it was left at school last night during back to school night.
A slightly different picture of Sarah leaving for school before I have always taken a picture of her walking, but this year she will be driving her self to school so that she can go to work right after words or head to dance after cheer practice.

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WOW! Driving herself!

Great back to school post!