Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All about you in 52 continued

I just realized that I have not been posting my entries for All About You for several weeks. I am going to do a multiple post here.
4. 7 decisions that changed the course of your life
a. To choose Love over a grad assistant and master’s degree.
b. Walking away from my job as a preschool teacher and heading back to the high school level where I belong
c. To become a creative memories consultant, sight unseen
d. Choosing to major in English education instead of Science. Way too much math in Science.
e. Deciding to attend University of Northern Iowa and pursue a degree in Education

5. Whose Life Have You Influenced Outside Your Immediate Family?"
Now this is an easy question. As a teacher, I hope that I am influencing many people. I have been privileged enough to have a few former students come back and thank me for the part I played in my life. What a joy to see a former student and have them thank you for the role you played in their life. I also know that I played a part in a few other girls’ lives. A few years ago I received a letter from one of the girls that had been in the youth group at a church that I worked with. This girl would always sit in the front of the van and stay awake on the way home from an outing. She would ask me all kinds of questions, about life and adulthood. I found out a couple of years ago that she would then take the information I shared with her and share it with the girls. Many of the girls made decisions about many things based on the information that I gave to CP and she shared with the group. I also hope that I am influencing my daughters’ lives. Even though we are in the teen years, I am sure that both S and K will take to heart some of the talks we have had.

6. Who are the story keepers in your family?
My Grandpa Holst was always telling stories about the farm and when things were built or happened. I really wish we had been smart enough to record some of these stories. One of the stories that I most remember him telling is about the time when his parents, my great-grandparents, added on to the farm house. They added the part that is now the kitchen and summer kitchen along with an attic that my aunt and uncle turned into a family room when I was in junior high. Of course, according to my grandfather this addition was added because Grandpa was such a beautiful baby.
I also remember stories that my Grandma Steinhagen told. While I remember many of their stories, I would love it if they could be back with us, sharing those stories to the next generation.

7. If you could freeze one moment in time what is that moment?
I would love to be able to have our family vacation to DisneyWorld back again. It was such a nice time. My husband wasn’t yelling at the girls all of the time, we didn’t have too much fighting between the girls, and I believe it was a time when we all had fun. Usually when we take a “family” vacation, it is when Kurt has meetings, so while he spends the day in his meetings, the girls and I spend time together. Disney was a time that we all spent together.

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