Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our State Fair is a great State Fair

Friday morning the girls and I got up early in the morning, before the sun was up, and left to meet my mom in DeWitt. We then drove out to the Iowa State Fair. It has been 4 years since I was there last. Wow, it was so nice to be back, it almost felt like we were walking down main street at Magic Kingdom in Orlando. We arrived around 9 am, a little later than I wanted but still okay. Of course the very first place we need to visit is the 4-H building. Now for some reason they don't put this building in the front, no it is all the way to the back of the fair grounds. Sarah was thrilled to discover that her leadership project received a blue ribbon, but not so excited to see that she had a red on her cookie comparison. I reminded her that she made it to the state fair, which many people never do. I also pointed out that there were some people with white ribbons. Clinton doesn't give out a white ribbon, so in her mind red is bad, but really white is bad. After this we headed back to where we entered the grounds at for a blue ribbon kids program on the swine industry. Kristen was so excited and couldn't wait to do this program. What luck that the day Sarah has to perform is the same day as the swine program. She received a piggy bank, a little rubber pig,a wallet, a couple of pig pencils, a pig hat, a deck of playing cards, that uses cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens instead of hearts, diamonds, etc. and of course the very best thing in the world, she was able to hold a piglet. I am not sure that she has ever forgiven us for not living on a farm so that she could raise and show pigs. The rest of the day was spent checking out the varied industries building, the commerical buildings, the sewing exhibits, meeting up with a friend, and finally the share the fun performance. Minnehaha did an excellent job with their skit. While the share the fun is judged and comments given the participants just receive a green participation ribbon, and this year a state fair exhibitor t-shirt. There were many very talented 4-H members and clubs through out the state and it was fun to watch them. Finally at 7:30 we were able to leave for the day. Let me tell you it was a quiet ride home as both girls were out shortly after we left.
Kristen had a blast collecting temp. tattoo's at one point we counted over 15, but that wasn't even half of the ones that she could have picked up. And I almost forgot, we saw John McCain.


mamatwoboys said...

LOVE the butter cow! Thanks for posting. Sounds like a very fun day. Congrats to the girls on ribbons and tattoos and FUN!

Lisa said...

Wow, your state fair is awesome! Here it seems to go down every year, I wish it was like it was when I was a kid.

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Congratulations Sarah! And picture of Kristen and 'Wilbur' is priceless!