Saturday, August 23, 2008

kick off night

Last night was the annual fall kick off night. Sarah and I used to go every year and even took Kristen when she was just a little thing. It then became harder to go and Kurt always said to stay home. The time has finally come again, when I needed to go. This time it was for Sarah that I went. The cheerleaders, did some cheers, stunts, and the school song all in the little theater. The band was supposed to play, but they moved everything inside in case of rain so only the drum line performed. A light supper was also served. Sarah and Kurt's was free, I had to pay for mine and Kristens. We had a choice of hotdog or walking taco. When I went before they always grilled hamburgers. I understand why they stopped, but I miss the hamburgers. Anyway, this is the last Friday night for at least 9 weeks that the 4 of us will be together. Sarah and Kurt will be together on the football team and Kristen and I will be doing many different things.
After we ate and had the parent meetings, Kurt needed to put the tape down for the Volleyball courts and asked Kristen to come up to the gym and help him. She was thrilled to be asked to help daddy at the high school


mamatwoboys said...

Let the fun begin right? Football season is hard on you all I'm sure but it makes for great memories.

School starts here on Monday. Meet the teacher night was last night and they only served small bags of chips, thankfully they were Free!

I'll be thinking of you all as a new normal comes to your family once again!

TracyP said...

Had fun looking around your blog!! I have also added you to my blog list!
Did you ever finish the sock monkey LO? I would LOVE to see it!!! Running off to search your fiskateer gallery incase you've posted it there!!!

Lisa said...

Sounds like ya'll had a fun evening! I have heard of a walking taco, but I really have no idea what it is...can you shed some light on the subject for me? lol