Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life is flying by....

Life just seems to be flying by at a much faster rate this year.  The past ten days are a good example.  During this time many things happened that showed that my girls are growing up. 
On October 7th we started off with Senior night for Both Band and Football. Senior Night is the last home game of the season and the seniors are always honored as it is the last time they will perform on the home field. The night started off with the band and a small reception for Seniors and their parents

After the band reception was over we went back out for the football game.  The parents of the senior members of the football team, cheerleaders, cross country and boys golf were to meet at the west end of the field  before the varsity game.  At this point all of the players were introduced as they walked to midfield on the track with their parents.

After the game the seniors line up at one end of the field and walk the field for one last time while the underclassman are applauding them for their years of service.
 thanks to a friend for a few of these pictures.  My picture taker was crying so hard that she couldn't get a clear shot
So that was my first night of the 10 days, just a few days after this, Sarah had her birthday and is now an adult.  So funny to think that my child is grown up.

I ended the 10 days with yet one more activity that showed that my girls are growing up.  Kristen was the acolyte at church for the first time.  She did a great job.  It seemed so strange to sit by myself and not have to remind a child to be quiet or pay attention. 

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