Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why I haven't blogged in forever

 It has been a long time since I have blogged and I thought that maybe I should do an update.  Figured the best way was to show you why I haven't blogged in forever.  The following pictures and video are from my weekend.
This weekend Sarah was in the pit for the high school musical.  We haven't seen much of her the past month, between cheerleading, pit rehearsal and work she has been a busy girl.  Friday night we went to see "The Music Man" at Clinton High school.  The kids did a great job.

On Saturday, not only did Sarah have another performance, but Kristen was competing in the Awana Games held over in Moline, Illinois.  This group of girls did really well and it was fun to watch them compete.  Learned that Kristen is a speedy little girl.  Time to look into a pair of spikes for her maybe?  She was paired up with another girl for the three legged race.  Those two were awesome and  lapped the other teams. 

The Clinton team came in second place.  They lost by only two points.  They were DQ at one point and had a couple of other things that kept them from scoring.  When a team is tagged from behind as they are being lapped that team is supposed to leave so that the other team can keep going.  The team that Clinton tagged didn't get out of the way and kept the other teams from passing them.  Way to go Kristen.

Finally on Sunday, while Sarah was busy performing at the Music Man, Kristen was showing off her musical skills also.  Kristen's piano teacher was holding her annual piano recital  She holds the recital at a local assisted living home in their chapel.  Many of the residents look forward to this every year.  I even heard a couple of them talking this year about how fun it has been to watch musicians grow and progress.  This year Kristen not only played the piano but also shared her first public performance on the flute.

Here is a video of her flute solo

And a video of Kristen's piano solo,

Sorry it is crooked at the beginning, I have been taking photos with a vertical tilt and flipped the camera out of habit.

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You have to be proud of your children. :)