Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There she goes

I just entered a new stage in my life. Instead of rushing to run Sarah anywhere or go to pick her up I just have to tell her to drive safely and call when she gets there. She turned 16 yesterday and of course her 16th birthday would fall on a Monday. The driver's license station is closed on Mondays, however they would have been closed anyway yesterday as her birthday falls on a federal holiday, Columbus Day. So I hurried home from school today so that I could drop Kristen off at piano lesson and then we went to get her license. It was so easy, no written test, she already passed that two years ago and since they didn't stamp her driver's ed certificate she didn't have to drive, just show the certificate, pay money and smile for the camera. Of course Sarah wanted to get home as soon as possible so that she could then driver herself to dance. It was such a strange feeling to watch her take off in that car all by herself. Part of me is proud of her for growing up, part of me is excited that I won't have to spend every night running here, there, and everywhere, and part of me was a little nervous as she took off in that car.

Drive Safely Sarah.

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