Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 25th 2009

Today started off very relaxing, slept in for a while and then Kurt and I went to pick up the meat from the steer we purchased off of a friend of ours. So exciting to have a freezer full of beef. Can't wait to eat some of those roasts and steaks. yummy. In the afternoon Sarah had a dance recital at westwing. I had told Grandpa that I was coming to pick him and take him somewhere but never told him where we were going. At first he thought that I was going to have them talk to him about moving in to the nursing home. (sorry that is not my responsiblity, his kids can handle that). Then he saw Sarah in her costume and the activities director came over to ask if he had a grandchild dancing. Well now he knew what was up. This is the first time he has seen Sarah dance and she has been dancing since she was 3. After the show Sarah and I ran back home and changed clothes so that we could attend a wedding reception with Kurt and Kristen. The two of them went to the wedding and got home about 5 minutes after we did. Great timing I would say. Both the bride and groom are coaches at the high school (the bride also had Sarah in homeroom this year). Because of their love of sports they had the entire wedding party introduced like the starting lineup of a basketball game. They even used the same music that Clinton uses for their games. How very fun. Below is a short video of one of Design's songs. Enjoy

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