Saturday, November 1, 2008

my little cheerleader/trick or treater

Kristen had a great night for trick or treating. After last weekend's cold spell, she was a little worried, but the weather was perfect tonight and she didn't have to wear a coat at all. We always start trick or treating at Hy-Vee in town. They have different stops throughout the store and the kids get really healthy items. Kristen was thrilled to see bananas at one stop and a bottle of water at another. This year they were giving all of the kids a trick or treat bucket. She had a choice of a mummie, vampire, or a monster, and picked the vampire one. You will love her reasoning. The basket was mostly black and would match her costume. After HyVee, I took her downtown. The downtown area sponsored trick or treating this year. There were over 40 stores in a two block area. It was fun to see so many kids with their parents out trick or treating. Downtown started at 3, but since I didn't get home from work until almost 4 we were some of the last people downtown. Many stores had already run out of candy. I don't think they realized just how big this would be. For the little ones it was great as the sun was still up and they didn't have to walk very far. I did see one tiny little one, get scared because and older one had on a scary mask, but that older child took off his mask so that the little one would not be scared. This trick or treat was for kids 10 and under. Finally 6:00 came and it was time to go out around our neighborhood. This year Kristen had a special treat. Dad was home, he almost always has a game on this night. Since he was home she wanted Dad to take her instead of Mom. Even though Dad had been down with the flu for 3 days he agreed to take her. They were gone the entire 2 hours which really surprised Sarah and I. She came home with her bucket filled to the brim. The only problem, is because Dad went and not Mom, I don't have any pictures from running around the neighborhood. We had a huge bowl full of candy and was afraid that it wouldn't be enough. Instead hardly anyone came and we still have 1/2 of that bowl to give out. Normally we have around 100 little creatures, but this year I don't think we even had 20. Wondering why that was?
Over all the girls both had a fun night. Sarah is the self designated passer outer. She loves to see the little kids in their costumes.

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