Sunday, October 12, 2008

15 years ago today

15 years ago I became a mommy for the first time. It is hard to believe that it has been 15 years already. She was such a cute sweet baby. Now she is a teenager,what more can I say.
I do want to share a poem on this day.

A touch of Love
You were six months old and full of fun, with a blink of my eye you suddenly were one. There were so many things we were going to do, but I turned my head and you were two. At two, you were very dependent on me, but independence took over when you turned three. Your third birthday another year I tried to ignore, but when I lit the candles there weren't three but four. Four was the year that you really strived, Why look at you now, Your're already five. Now you are ready for books and rules. This is the year that you go to school. The big day came; you were anxious to go. We walked to the bus going oh so slow. As you climbed aboard and waved goodbye, I felt a lump in my throat and tears stung my eyes. Time goes so fast, it's hard to believe that just yesterday you were home here with me and tomorrow when the bus brings you home and you jump to the ground, You'll be wearing your cap and graduation gown. So I'm holding to these moments as hard as I can because the next time I look, I'll be seeing a grown woman.

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Lisa said...

She's so pretty and time certainly does fly mine are 20 and 21! Just yesterday they were babies.