Saturday, June 14, 2008

Needed: One safe place for all

It is a good idea for everyone living in the midwest to have a safe place to go to when strong storms threaten, especially it seems this year. In the past we have used Kurt's comic book room as this safe place. It is a small room in the basement that stores all of Kurts comics and on Thursday night, we discovered that there is just enough space for the six of us to inhabit. However the area is a bit cramped. Kristen is small enough that she was able to curl up in a small area and then put a ton of blankets and stuffed animals on top of her. Kurt was able to have his computer set up so that he could track the storms as they headed towards us and Sarah and I had just enough room to stand up in. Kitty choose to join us also, normally the cats aren't allowed in this room and we were all in this room plus allowing him in. I am sure that he just knew something bad could happen as he stayed in a small area to protect himself. Sox on the other hand is young and adventuresome and didn't want to come in with us at first, but finally decided that there was a good reason to be in this little room. After about 35 minutes the warning was lifted and we started to head back upstairs at 10:30 pm. Just as we made it up the steps the sirens went off again and we were under another warning for 45 minutes. Thankfully by watching the radar we were able to determine that we should be out of harms way and allowed the girls to come back up around 10:45 pm. Kristen was so scared that she wasn't going to go back to her room and even being invited to share Sarah's loft bed didn't help. So of course Kurt told her she could sleep between us. Sarah then brought her sleeping bag into our room and we had a grand old family campout in the bedroom. Even the cats got in on the act with Kitty climbing into Sarah's sleeping bag for the night. Needless to say I think the only ones who ended up with enough sleep were the cats.


Lisa said...

It's great that you all have such a great plan. I need to do that myself, we have already had some killer tornadoes this year. It is scary!

Jessica said...

Glad you had a safe place.

I wouldn't want to have to hang out in our basement long! ICK.

mamatwoboys said...

So glad to hear you all are doing well despite the crazy weather going on in IA. Marshall Co. seems hit or miss but I know it is so much worse East and South. Hang in!