Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dance 2007

Last night we finally had the Spring Recital for the girls dance studio. The children's ballet was Fleur de lis", The advanced Ballet was "Fever" and the Tap and Jazz show was "Hello Dolly". Kristen was in the children's ballet she did a good job with the ballet, Kristen was also in the tap and jazz show. Sarah ended up assisting all of the younger kids in the children's ballet, so was on stage for almost all of that show, she was also in Fever and Hello Dolly. The Children's ballet was about a prince and princess strolling through their flower garden. The advanced ballet was not what you would normally think of as a ballet. It was about the animals of the jungle and what they do at night. They only had a couple of lights on the side and the fog machine running during this ballet. The music was from Mannheim Steamroller. Even though this was different I really liked this ballet. Finally the tap and jazz show was Hello Dolly. Yes, this was from the musical by the same name. Since Sarah is in the advanced jazz group she was in the show also quite a bit.

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Jessica said...

Wow! That's quite the spectacular recital!