Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kristen Desert Caravan

Kristen had her piano recital today. She has been working hard to perfect her two songs, Coconut Shuffle and Desert Caravan. I had high hopes of recording the entire thing, but my camera decided not to work. Thankfully Sarah figured out what was going on and quickly whipped out her camera and was able to capture at least part of Desert Caravan. I really like this song as it sounds just like camels moving through the desert.

Sarah played her clarinet solo during the recital also, but alas I wasn't able to capture that at all. Of course my camera wasn't working and the battery went dead on Sarah's camera.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

No one to play with

I think that I just made a little 2 year olds day. Her older sister came over to see if Kristen could play and the 2 year old tagged along. I broke the news to them that Kristen is grounded, the older one then asked if Sarah could play. Of course Sarah isn't home, so I pointed out that Sarah's car is gone. The older one said there is no one to play with. I told her that I was sorry, but she could still play with her litle sister. The little girls face lit up, she gave me a huge smile and then turned to catch up with her sister yelling, yeah, lets play together. She kept repeating lets play together. It was so cute.